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Innovation in Motion! Rotex Industrial Separators Featured in Energy & Mining International

März 9, 2018
Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™ is a product of Rotex innovation.

Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™ is a product of Rotex innovation.

Innovation was the focus of Energy & Mining International’s Winter 2017 article featuring Rotex industrial separation machines.

Click here to download a PDF of the article „Innovation in Motion“ from Energy & Mining International’s Winter 2017 issue.

Former Rotex Global President Bob Dieckman told the magazine, “We have responded to our customers by making significant changes to our product line. Because of this, we have seen tremendous growth from the year 2000 to today.”

Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™ a Product of Innovation

Specifically, Dieckman highlighted the innovations that lead to the development of Rotex’s Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™.

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„We had a large customer in the potash industry come to us because they needed us to take a look at the footprint and output of our equipment. That line is now the industry standard in mineral processing. This machine is designed specifically for the energy and mining industries, where many of our customers need more productivity per square foot.“

Click here to download the potash application spec sheet PDF.

„When the frac sand and proppant boom came in and companies wondered how to get sand to the right size, we modified and tweaked the Minerals Separator™ we developed for the potash industry,” Dieckman explained. „Those are by far the largest sectors we serve today – our Minerals Separator™ is well suited for the proppant and frac sand industries and offers a cost of ownership that is superior to all other products out there.“

Click here to download the frac sand application spec sheet PDF.

Separators Modified for Customer-Specific Applications

The article notes that each major product line includes a number of different models that can be modified for customer-specific applications. „We have a standard product line, but no standard products,“ Dieckman said.

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