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Rotex Europe has added products from its affiliate, BM&M Screening Solutions, forming the Rotex Group. For over 175 years combined, Rotex and BM&M have been setting and shattering standards with the world’s finest industrial separation equipment, engineering proven machines like the APEX™, Rotex®, and Minerals Separator™ — featuring our exclusive Gyratory Reciprocating Motion — and the CS Model and Super Screen — featuring Gyratory Motion. Together we are excited to serve you directly for all your screening needs.

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The proven leader in industrial separations.

Rotex Group product lines offer two types of motions, Gyratory and Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, which we have perfected over years of lab testing, custom installations and field experience. No other technology contains a higher G-force or low-angle screening, long-stroke and low-frequency characteristics in a single machine. This results in greater efficiencies, superior particle accuracies and higher yields.

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Serving the world’s largest processing companies.

A host of Fortune 500 companies have trusted Rotex Group for decades. When material separations are crucial, the world’s leading companies demand Rotex Group. Ask your representative about our current and past partners.

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Engineered to solve specific problems.

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Rotex Group manufactures a full lineup of industrial screeners and sifters, automated particle-size analysers, feeders and conveyors. Learn more about our top products.


The RTX360 Circular Screener delivers the essential qualities synonymous with Rotex Group machines while introducing vibratory motion within a compact footprint. The RTX360 is a highly competitive solution among circular vibratory screeners and separators.

Key Features:

Compact Design
Accessible Drive
Customisable Options
Quick Release Clamping


360-degree point of view.

Every Rotex Group machine and every Rotex Group part is backed by a team of service representatives and technical support staff who offer guidance before, during and after the sale.

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Jun 10-14, 2024
Electra Mining 2024 Expo
Sep 2-6, 2024
"The Apex Screener enables a single operator to manage and service a number of screeners; this results in reduced operating costs as we redirect resources elsewhere."
Production Manager
Industrial Mineral Processing