Super-Deck Screen

Highest capacity. This machine features BM&M's highest capacity for industrial applications while still maintaining a compact footprint.

The Super-Deck Screen is a stacked confirguration machine that offers BM&M’s highest capacity screener in the most compact footprint possible.

How It Works

Location, Speed and Stroke Partner to Produce Superior Screening Technology

Many companies will boast about their product’s superiority. Below, we’ll show you the why behind our product technology and how we achieve better results.

  1. Centering the drive in the middle of the machine to generate the a gyratory motion over the entire screen surface,
  2. Patenting a stationary and maintenance free drive with stabilised shaft allowed for higher speeds (300 rpm) than the competition (180rpm),
  3. Increasing speed resulted in a higher G-force, eliminating blinding while also increasing throughput,
  4. All combined, the BM&M technology achieves material fluidisation and maximizes contact time with the screen mesh, resulting in the most efficient separation.

BM&M Supplied Stand

The machine can be floor-mounted using a support stand designed for the specific machine.

Existing Structure

Because the machine suspension system has low to no vibration, the machine can be mounted directly to a structural steel framework using custom-length hangers assemblies.

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"The Apex Screener enables a single operator to manage and service a number of screeners; this results in reduced operating costs as we redirect resources elsewhere."
Production Manager
Industrial Mineral Processing