Gradex® 2000 Particle-size Analysers

Tighter control over quality metrics.

The Gradex® 2000 allows you to analyse product on a more frequent and timely basis while eliminating operator error and bias. Combine reliable particle-size analysis with extremely low maintenance.

Standard Test Sieves
Gradex® 2000 uses round test sieves; this configuration allows for either all half-height sizes or all full-size sieves depending on the number of sieves needed for analysis.
Auto Feed Option
The auto feed option can accommodate multiple samples without user interaction.
Automates Sieve Analysis
A Mettler Toledo balance automates and standardises material weighing, combining typical stroke and frequency with automated brushing.
Customised Data Reports
All analysis is transferred to a computer and the operator can customise reports for result analysis.
How It Works

Using standard sieve-analysis motion, the sample is analysed for a preset amount of time. Once the time has elapsed, the sieve brushing and weighing begins. Each individual sieve is automatically brushed to ensure consistent pressure and technique with each analysis. The weight of that fraction is measured on a Mettler Toledo scale and recorded onto a computer. This process is repeated for each sieve within the stack until a final sample particle size distribution (PSD) is known. The PSD is then compared against product specifications to determine the quality performance of each sample.


Eliminates Human Variance

Automated brushing and weighing results in a consistent standardised method that won’t differ or shift with personnel changes.

Increased Quality Control

More frequent and automated tests result in faster recognition of off-spec production.

Electronic Reporting

Automatically transfer analysis results to a computer with customisable report formats.

Product Options

Gradex® Chip Classifier

Control chip quality with the Gradex® Chip Classifier, which generates automated test reports with trouble-free operation in mills and yards around the world.

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