CounterFlow CS Model

Double the screening area and efficiency over standard chip screening systems.

The CounterFlow CS Model is a unique concept that provides a tremendously efficient screen in a relatively small footprint. The double-length design is the key to its outstanding chip screening performance.

In the two-level design, the upper layer screens the material once and, from an elbow where the two levels meet, feeds the filtered material to the lower screen, where it is filtered again. Both screens move simultaneously, powered by a single gyratory motor.

The Rotex Group Screening Solutions has been building impactful CS Model industrial screeners since 1987. Our CounterFlow CS Model allows you to double the screening area and increase efficiency over standard chip screening systems, without compromising performance or increasing maintenance costs.

Exclusive Drive Technology
Centralised location and a stationary shaft allow for higher speeds and a gyratory motion across the entire screen surface.
Screen Tensioning System
Rotex Group's tensioning system ensures screen surfaces remain taut across the entire screening area.
Made to Order
Ask your Rotex Group representative how we can fully customise your machine infeed, discharge chutes, add liners, decks and more.
Deblinding Efficiency
The energy and uniformity of the gyratory movement combined with the increased speed prevents material from plugging.
How It Works

Location, Speed and Stroke Partner to Produce Superior Wood Chip Screener Technology

Many companies boast about their wood chip screening equipment’s superiority. Below, we show you the “why” behind our high-speed gyratory motion technology and how we achieve better results.

  1. Fully Gyratory Motion 
    Centering the drive in the middle of the machine generates a gyratory motion over the entire screen surface.
  2. Maintenance Free Drive 
    The eccentric weight drive assembly is lubricated for life. The unique static shaft design provides torsional stiffness ensuring long trouble-free service reducing ongoing machine maintenance costs.
  3. Maximum Productivity 
    Increasing speed results in higher screening energy being applied to the material, eliminating blinding while also increasing throughput.

Double the Volume in the Same Footprint of Other Traditional Machines

Tight plant configuration? The Rotex Group has you covered with the Counterflow CS Model design. Produce higher throughput than traditional designs with our multi-tiered design.

Lubricated for Life Drive System

Rotex Group’s drive can operate maintenance-free for 100,000 hours of service. All machines also include a 1 year drive warranty.

Higher Volume, Same Efficiency

Rotex Group has the highest G-Force for any gyratory screener which allows for a more efficient separation at higher capacities.

Quality Built for a Long Life

Our machines are manufactured in-house. Rotex Group machines are still running from the 1980’s and this is a testament to our superior quality workmanship.

Dynamic Adjustability to Meet Customer's Changing Needs

All Rotex Group machines can be easily modified at site for speed and stroke to meet customers’ changes in product specifications.

Eliminate Blinding

Rotex Group’s speed and stroke generate a higher G-Force resulting in a stronger horizontal acceleration that effectively eliminates blinding. Ball Decks are included as standard options with the Superscreen. The motion of the screen will propel the captive balls to strike the underside of the screen element and dislodge particles.


BM&M Supplied Stand

The machine can be floor-mounted using a support stand designed for the specific machine.

Existing Structure

Because the machine suspension system has low to no vibration, the machine can be mounted directly to a structural steel framework using custom-length hangers assemblies.

Manual Request

Need an original manual to know what parts are needed for your Rotex equipment? Request one here and we’ll advise if it’s available.

There is a $125 charge for IOM manuals. Rotex will be in contact to confirm your Screener Model No. or Serial No.

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