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The Dupps Company

Oktober 9, 2015

The Dupps Company are experts in the design, build and installations of high-quality process equipment and systems. Unfortunately Dupps was struggling with on time delivery from its various suppliers, negatively impacting their working efficiencies and delaying production. Therefore they developed a set of strict rules detailed as the Dupps Process Improvement Requests to improve the entire purchasing process.

The Dupps Company approached Rotex to support an imminent order for parts required for their protein rendering equipment. In fact Rotex was categorized as a Strategic & Key Supplier to The Dupps Company, meaning Rotex is part of a group that accounts for 80% of their spending. Taking into account these rules Rotex’s mission was simple; ensure that all orders were “On Time” stating that the product arrived at Dupps on or before the due date stated on the purchase order.


Rotex pride themselves as being the one-stop shop for any screening needs, which includes genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. They offer competitive pricing, superior quality, excellent customer service and one of the industry’s best lead times.

Knowing that The Dupps Company has an extensive installation of Rotex Screeners, a solution needed to be developed to ensure each and every order arrived on time. As a result Rotex implemented systematic changes to highlight critical ship dates in the production schedule. Rotex’s in-house team of highly-trained expert’s process orders quickly, accurately and efficiently. Each Dupps order was categorized as a critical ship date to accommodate the recently deployed Dupps Process Improvement Requests. Rotex’s main objective was to maintain continuous production by minimizing unscheduled downtime and delivering critical parts on time, therefore extending the life of the equipment and improving the screening performance.


Using the newly implemented practices the Rotex Aftermarket Parts & Service team successfully delivered 100% of the Dupps orders on time through the first two quarters of 2015 Fiscal Year.

The Dupps Company have set an expectation for all Key Suppliers to make all deliveries at a percentage rate of 97% or above. These Key Suppliers, now including Rotex, have exceeded expectations by achieving an accumulative on time delivery of 98.52% for the Dupps 2015 1st Quarter and 97.7% for the Dupps 2015 2nd Quarter.

Rotex is delighted to be listed as one of The Dupps Company Strategic and Key Suppliers and look forward to a continued long-term relationship for many years to come.

“Rotex are very important to us and our success hinges on how well we work together as partners. Thank you for your attention to the order which helps our efficiencies so we can be a better ‘customer’ and enhance our business partnership”

– Timothy Peyton, Director of Publishing, The Dupps Company

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