Welders working for Rotex Global, manufacturer of industrial screeners, sifters, and separators.Hillenbrand, our parent company, has released its 2022 Sustainability Report.

Click to view: “Company Reports: Publicly Sharing Progress | Hillenbrand.”

This year’s report showcases the initiatives Hillenbrand and its operating companies, including Rotex Group, have been pursuing to positively impact our communities and support our customers’ sustainability initiatives.

For example, the report highlights how Rotex Group has begun to implement automation into its day-to-day operations as well as the future planning for how automation will change its manufacturing process. The addition of automated processes is expected to increase safety, decrease waste, and offer faster production times.

In addition, Rotex Group has enacted programs to replace lighting systems with LED lights and are examining the possibility of adding solar panels to its Cincinnati, Ohio, headquarters.

Check out the report to read more about our efforts to advance sustainability, provide a safe environment for our employees, apply responsible business practices, and contribute to our community.

And, read about Rotex Group’s “Sustainable Wood Screening for Pulp and Paper Production” and “Plant-based Protein Production Using Hillenbrand Equipment” in our Case Studies and Technical Articles section.