We are pleased to announce that effective May 20, 2021 Rotex Europe (“Rotex”) has added products from its affiliate, BM&M Screening Solutions (“BM&M”), and will now offer Rotex and BM&M product lines as the Rotex Group, with established presence in Runcorn, England.

This is a very exciting event for our companies, and more importantly, our partners. Combined, both companies have dedicated over 170 years of focused attention and experience on optimizing industrial separation equipment around the world. Our teams share a passion for innovation and supporting the customer during the entire life of the equipment. We’re excited for what’s to come as our teams work together to bring our Rotex Group customers quality products and services.

Through this union, we will be able to serve you directly for all your BM&M and Rotex equipment needs. Local lab testing facilities will be available to learn how your materials perform under various industrial screening conditions. Critical and commonly used OEM parts will be stocked to ship from our Runcorn facility. Field Service engineers will be made available to support on-site technical visits, operations and maintenance training and machine start-up services.

For future inquiries or general questions concerning this communication, please contact us at: rotexgroup@rotex.com or +44 1928 706 100.