OEM Parts and Support

Genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) screener parts minimise unscheduled downtime, extend the life of your machine, and improve the performance of your Rotex Group screening equipment.

With more than 2,000 stocked parts, Rotex Group is a one-stop shop for genuine OEM parts that will keep your screener performing reliably and efficiently for years to come.

Rotex Group screens are of the highest quality for the longest life, include the fastest delivery times in the industry and are available for all screen styles and configurations.
Rotex Group provides a comprehensive selection of seals, sleeves and mesh cleaning balls that are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.
Drive Heads
The heart and soul of our screeners, Rotex drive heads are the industry’s most durable drives, built for trouble-free service.
Fabricated Parts
To ensure an exact fit and performance, use only genuine Rotex Group top covers, bottom pans, box frames and screen frames.
Precision Metal Parts
To run at their best, Rotex Group screeners require genuine Rotex Group precision metal parts, and we provide them all—from crank pins to slide bearings and everything in between.
Part Upgrades
We offer innovative, performance-enhancing parts upgrades designed to improve the performance of your screener.
Drive Head Exchanges
Every exchanged Rotex Group drive head comes with the same two-year warranty as a new drive head.
Inventory Management
We use a two-pronged approach to ensure Rotex parts are available to you where and when you need them.


Rotex Group screener parts are available from locations near you and around the world. With locations in Europe and Asia, we’ve got you covered.


Consignment programs are available and negotiable upon request. Call Rotex Group at +44 1928 706 100 to inquire.

Customer Service and Support
Rotex Group offers comprehensive service and support to answer all of your screening and separation questions quickly and efficiently.

Customer Service

Rotex Group customer service promises genuine Rotex parts, competitive pricing and quick turnaround.

Technical Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable Rotex Group Parts Representatives know your Rotex and BM&M machines and understand your application. We’re here to help with troubleshooting or to provide guidance on specific application issues.

After-hours Service

You can contact us after hours if needed via our emergency telephone number: +44 1928 703 933.

Lab Testing

We offer no-charge testing in our application laboratory when feed conditions or product specifications change. An easy-to-understand report provides clear recommendations for machine sizing, screen selection and performance.


Only Rotex Group has the engineering expertise to guarantee that replacement parts will fit and perform as well as the originals.


Through streamlined operations, Rotex Group strives to achieve the industry’s fastest delivery times.

Expert Technical Support

To speak with a representative about parts and service, call +44 1928 703 933 or email us at parts-europe@rotex.com.

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